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The CW Tincture Calculator Pro 2.6   demo movie

The simple platform design of the CW Tincture Calculator Pro 2.6 allows one to input weight of the herb to be produced as a tincture and the appropriate menstruum is instantly given to the user. When the tincture is pressed, simply input the amount yielded and information such as the percentage of alcohol, and other solvents in the final product quickly appears. Using the CW Tincture Calculator 2.6 will help you to produce the best possible tincture according to current industry standards. The Pro version also estimates the size menstruum container needed and allows you to save information on each batch. Available for Windows operating systems. Download the free demo below and try it for yourself.

At this time we are doing upgrades and all full versions are not being offered. You may still download the free demo.

Windows CW Tincture Calculator Pro 2.6

Macintosh CW Tincture Calculator Pro 2.6